Gabriel Auteri loves this city. Baltimore is tenacious. Resilient. Powerful. Baltimore fights. Baltimore has incredible community, amazing people, unmatched charm, and awesome potential. He and his talented and compassionate wife Rachel had their first child, Rose, in June. They live in Union Square and are deeply invested in future of this community.

Like many Baltimoreans in the 90s, Gabriel grew up seeing first-hand the effects of such an economic decline, whether it was the closure of local businesses or the impact of massive layoffs in his neighborhood, where so many lost their jobs and struggled to make ends meet, and Gabriel has worked most of his life to help the most vulnerable people wherever he was.

From co-founding a program to build school rooms, to shaping young minds as a high-school history teacher, to serving as the right hand to the visionary Dr. Leana Wen in the Baltimore City Health Department, Gabriel has made it his life’s work to address everything from education issues, to health disparities, to poverty, and so much more.

At the Health Department, Gabriel has been able to dive head-first into critical issues affecting Baltimore, whether it was ensuring that all of our children have access to eyeglasses, a critical learning tool, or helping to build a public health response to the uprising to ensure that residents had access to life-saving medications, or working to build a process to ensure that drug treatment facilities work with their communities to ensure safety, community involvement, and quality treatment.

Gabriel is active in his community association in Union Square, and in the Southwest Partnership, working to fix problems in his neighborhood and the surrounding communities by engaging more people in the process. He worked to get the association status as a nonprofit and to improve its relationship with neighboring communities.

If you ask Gabriel why he’s running, he’ll tell you first about his love for Baltimore and the opportunity he sees. He’ll tell you we need leaders who advocate day and night for our most vulnerable. He’ll tell you the system needs changing, that we don’t engage our communities enough in decision-making, that our schools need help, and that too many lives are cut short by violence and prison.

Gabriel believes in equity and fairness, in focusing on our most vulnerable and most disenfranchised. Gabriel will work hard for all residents of the 40th district. He knows that too many of our elected officials ask for your vote and then disappear until it’s time to vote again. He knows that our leaders only show up when it’s in their best interest, and only when they’re asking for something. In a community like his, struggling with violence, crime, vacants, and job opportunities, we need the people we elect to fight for us.

Gabriel is a lawyer, and educator, an advocate, and family man. He is committed to inclusion, to bringing people together, and to fighting for justice and equity in a city at a crossroads.